Tactical Carbine Course

Tactical Carbine Course – $350

This is a 6-hour class that is designed to build a baseline with new rifle owners and rifle shooters with little to no experience with a rifle. Our instructors have 20-plus years of combined experience with the rifle. Our instructors will show great patients and understanding when it comes to your experiences. We believe in having a good experience on the range, while maintaining safety and professionalism. We will cover the following.

–          Rifle Firearms safety
–          Range etiquette
–          Weapons maintenance
–          Weapons Handling
–          Operation of the Weapon System
–          Sights iron and red dot
–          Reloading and malfunctions
–          Teach how to properly zero a rifle, and by the end of the zero assist students to zero their rifle

–          Build the skills you will need to be comfortable going to the range on your own.

Required for Class

–          Carbine Rifle (M4/AR15 platform)
–          Sling, we will go over different types of slings
–          3 magazines
–          Chest carrier, plate carrier, or gun belt with pouches
–          400 rounds of ammo
–          Ear and eye protection
–          Food and drinks

–          Appropriate clothing for the weather, Shoes, and pants are a must.

*** Range Fees may Apply***