Shooting from concealing holster

Shooting from concealing holster- $300

This is a 4 hours class. Designed for shooters wishing to apply for a CCW or who are currently CCW holders. We will teach each student, how to safely draw from a concealed holster, from a range as close as 1 yard to 15 yards, on paper and steel targets. This course is not for beginners, were advise students to take our Basic Pistol Course first, or have prior training from a REPUTABLE instructor. We will go over the Use of force, tactical advantage, engaging multiple targets, shooting and moving, and marksmanship. We will teach and instruct students to be held accountable for every round sent down range. Our instructors will show great patients and understanding when it comes to your experiences. We believe in having a good experience on the range while maintaining safety and professionalism.

Required for this course

–          Handgun you are or will carry for CCW
–          Conceal carry holster
–          3 Magazines
–          Magazine holders
–          250 Rounds of ammo
–          Ear and eye protection
–          Food and drinks

–          Appropriate clothing for the weather, Shoes, and pants are a must.

*** Range Fees may Apply***