Range “INDOC” Day


This is Your “INDOC DAY”

Join us for a true assessment of your skills in the TRIPLE ZERO “INDOC DAY”. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer, INDOC day is your opportunity to measure your proficiency among peers, family, friends, or fellow Range Buddies. We’re indifferent to your background; our focus is on pushing you outside your comfort zone with a series of challenging drills. Some you may be familiar with, others entirely new. It doesn’t matter who you are – what matters is how you handle the test. Are you ready for the true evaluation of your firearms skills?

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The term “INDOC” typically refers to “indoctrination” in a military context. Military indoctrination is a process by which new recruits or personnel are introduced to the values, culture, traditions, and basic training of the military organization they are joining. The goal of military indoctrination is to instill a sense of discipline, loyalty, and commitment to the military’s mission and objectives.

During military INDOC, new recruits may undergo various training modules, including physical fitness, basic military skills, and education on the specific policies and procedures of the military branch. This phase is crucial for building a foundation of knowledge and skills that will be essential for a service member’s success in their military career.

Different branches of the military may have their own variations of the INDOC process, but the overarching goal is to prepare individuals for the challenges they will face in the military and to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the members of the military unit.


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