Private Training/Police Academy Recruit

Police Academy Recruit- This class is for future police academy recruits ready for basic firearms training. We will prepare you to pass the New Jersey PTC Firearms HQC1 day and night qual. Firearms training in the academy is the #1 reason recruits are dismissed from the academy. Our instructors have passed these qualifications many times and now teach them. You will have to be mentally prepared for we will hold you to the same standards the academy will hold you to, as well as your department.

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For all levels of shooters, we will start on a standard qualification. NO, you do not need to pass! We need to build a baseline of where your skill level is at. From there, your instructor will begin diagnosing you. This can range from the grip, stance, trigger control, and more. If you are a first-time shooter we start from the begin firearm safety, reloading, cleaning, and more.

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40 S&W, 45 S&W, 50 S&W


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