Couples Training Day


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Title: Couples Firearms Training

Comprehensive course designed to provide new gun owners and concealed carry (CCW) permit holders with the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to safely and confidently handle firearms. This course is a fantastic opportunity for couples to bond, learn, and grow together as responsible firearm owners. Our team of seasoned instructors comprises certified professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in firearm safety and self-defense. They will ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment for both beginners and those with some prior experience.

Our course includes extensive hands-on training, allowing couples to gain practical experience in handling and operating different types of firearms, including handguns. This practical experience helps build confidence and competence. For those interested in obtaining or renewing their concealed carry permits, our course includes an introduction to the legal and practical aspects of concealed carry. This segment covers CCW laws, responsible carry methods, and holster options. Couples will benefit from enhanced communication skills as they learn to work together in a high-stress environment. Building trust and understanding is vital when it comes to firearm ownership and self-defense.

Our course typically includes live-fire exercises at a controlled and supervised range. Couples will have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in a safe and supervised setting. This course is designed to equip both partners with the knowledge and skills needed to handle firearms confidently, whether for personal defense or recreational shooting. Knowing that they are prepared for any situation can bring peace of mind to couples. This Basic Firearm Introduction and CCW Training for Couples is a valuable opportunity for new gun owners and CCW permit holders to enhance their skills and knowledge while bonding with their partner. By training with us, couples will gain the confidence and competence they need to be responsible firearm owners and contribute to a safer community.

Gear Needed for this Course

–          Handgun
–          Holster
–          3 Magazines
–          Duty belt, or range belt, with pouches
–          200 rounds of ammo per person
–          Ear and eye protection
–          Food drinks
–          Appropriate clothing for the weather, shoes, and pants are a must.
–          Permanent marker

Couples that Train together, Have more fun!!!!! 


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