CCW Course (Jan 20, 2024)

Started on January 20, 2024TBT5

This is a classroom and lives fire course. We know many companies are running this course, here at Triple Zero Tactical we are holding our students to a higher standard. This is not a beginner course, this is a qualification course we will not instruct you how to shoot during the qualification. To complete this course student will demonstrate their skills in safe handling and firing of their firearm. Set forth in N.J.A.C 13:54-2.4(B) to apply for a concealed carry permit. Students must successfully pass a live fire qualification course with an 80% or higher new standards set by the State. Firing at the 3 yard, 5 yard, 10 yard, and the 15 yard line. In the event a student doesn’t pass the live fire qualification course, the student will be given an additional 2 attempts to pass that day. Before enrolling in this course, students should be proficient with the basic fundamentals of firearms safety, handling firearms, range safety, and shooting from a holster. Instructors and Range safety officers reserve the right to dismiss a person from the course if they feel the person is unsafe or doesn’t have the skills to pass the live-fire qual course without a refund. Students should seek firearms training from a REPUTABLE firearms instructor prior to attending this course. If a student uses a REPUTABLE firearms instructor other than one from Triple Zero Tactical, the student must show proof of training. In the event, a person fails all attempts they may return on a later date and have 3 additional attempts to pass live fire. Additional fee subject to time and location. For more information contact us directly

Required for this Course

–          Good Attitude

–          Handgun(s) that student will intend to conceal carry if approved for CCW permit

–          Conceal carry holster, we will be shooting from the holster. We highly suggest bringing it outside the waistband holster.

–          – MINIMUM of 2 Magazines

–          400 rounds of ammo per firearm

–          Ear and Eye protection

–          Food, drinks, and Snacks

–          Appropriate clothing for the weather. Also think conceal, no daisy dukes and x-small shirts.

–          MUST HAVE NJ Firearms ID CARD aka FID Card

–          NJ Driver’s License.

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