Combat Pistol Course

Combat Pistol Course – Price $400

This is a 6 hours class, required to take Basic Pistol Course. This course is for advanced shooters, who are trained in shooting and moving, shooting multiple targets, and shooting behind cover. This course was designed by combat veterans and USPSA shooters. Our instructors are highly trained combat veterans with real-life experience under fire. They have taken everything they learned over years of military, and law enforcement experience and designed a course to build your mind and body. Physically and mentally you need to be prepared for this course. If you are subject to injury, or any medical conditions contact us prior to applying for this course. Students will be required to shoot under low levels of stress mentally or physically. We will dig into the mindset of not becoming a victim, situation awareness, and tactical advantage when in a gun fight. During this course, we are going to push you to failure, and help you find your true baseline as a shooter. Shooters will be shooting from ranges as close as 3 yards on paper, to steel targets 10 yards to 75 yards.

Required for class:

–          Handgun
–          Holster
–          3 Magazines
–          Duty belt, or range belt, with pouches
–          400 rounds of ammo
–          Ear and eye protection
–          Food drinks
–          Appropriate clothing for the weather, shoes, and pants are a must.

–          Permanent marker

***Range Fees May Apply***