Carbine and Pistol Training

Carbine and Pistol Training – 

Our rifle and pistol course is designed to build each student’s performance level with their primary & secondary weapon system. Shooters will be instructed on how to exceed their comfort levels in order to build speed in engagement with both systems. This course utilizes close range to intermediate range engagements. Must have a tactical mindset, this isn’t a beginner’s course, whether you are military/law enforcement or just a prepared citizen. You will receive quality training from Triple Zero Tactical instructors with years of combat military experience. They will help build your skills and mindset also known as the warrior’s mindset. Our instructors will show great patients and understanding when it comes to your experiences. We believe in having a good experience on the range while maintaining safety and professionalism.

This course Covers:

–          Shooting fundamentals/ safety
–          Weapons conditions and malfunctions
–          Effective engagement
–          Multiple targets
–          Target transition
–          Transition from Primary to Secondary
–          Weapons carry positions
–          Shooting positions
–          Body mechanics
–          Strong/support side shooting
–          Gear considerations
–          Gunfight mindset

–          Use of cover

Required for this course

–          Carbine with sling
–          Handgun with holster
–          Duty belt, gun belt, or chest rig with pouches
–          3 magazines for rifle and pistol
–          500 rounds of rifle ammo
–          500 rounds of pistol ammo
–          Chest rig/plate carrier with mag pouches (optional)
–          Ear and eye protection
–          Appropriate clothing, pants, and shoes must.
–          Weapon clearing gear
–          Food, water, sunscreen
–          Permanent marker