Basic Pistol Course

Basic Pistol Course – Price $350

This is a 4-6 hours course and is designed for students with basic to intermediate skills with pistol. If you are looking to improve your shooting skills, and further your knowledge Basic Pistol Course is for you. This is a live fire class, we will be down range the whole time. Topics we will cover are firearms safety, drawing from the holster, trigger control, recoil management, grip, stance, marksmanship, reloading, moving and shooting, angels of movement, and engaging multiple targets. We will be shooting from distance close to 3 yards on paper to steel targets as far as 75 yards. Our instructors will show great patients and understanding when it comes to your experiences. We believe in having a good experience on the range while maintaining safety and professionalism. At the end of the course, students will partake in a friendly shooting competition, designed to test their speed and marksmanship.

Required for the Class:

–          Handgun
–          Holster
–          3 Magazines
–          Duty belt, or range belt, with pouches
–          350 rounds of ammo
–          Ear and eye protection
–          Food drinks

–          Appropriate clothing for the weather

***Range Fees May Apply***